How to ask for a review and sound natural

How to ask for a review and sound natural


Every business needs to embrace online recommendations. In a showroom, salespeople especially want to sound unscripted and natural.

Here are the top tips:

Suggest the wording:
During the sale, you listened to the customer’s needs and built trust. You already know why they chose to purchase with you. “We ask all our customers for a review. You could write something like this…”

Make a personal request:
“Can I ask a quick favour,” opens the conversation. Let the customer know that a good review is valuable for your job and that you would really appreciate it.

Let the customer reciprocate:
The customer might ask you to change the tyres or fix a dent as part of the sale. Give a quick recap of all the things you took care of immediately before a review request. It sets the scene for a successful outcome.

Use a photo:
An image authenticates the review and clearly shows a happy customer. This means the review needs very few words.

Show the customer some existing reviews:
Branded banners keep the review looking professional and natural. Add a carousel of recent reviews on your website to show customers they are used appropriately.

Get the timing right:
Every teenager instinctively knows the best time to ask for permission or pocket money. Your customer will be at their most generous when they get their new car keys. The Pixxnow system captures the moment at the perfect time. A 50% conversion rate on positive reviews is achievable.

Let the customer know how long it will take:
You can snap the photo, tap in customer details and capture their review in 60 seconds with Pixxnow. Contact us to learn more.