Measuring Success for Online Reviews

Measuring Success for Online Reviews


“I got a 300+% Review Volume Increase!” -- Don’t fall for these claims.

Many players in Online Reputation Management measure their success against the customer’s original numbers.

If you started out with 3 reviews, a 300% review volume increase is not a good result.
How should you track your metrics?

  • Start with the number of customers approached for a review.
  • Next, the number of customers who gave a review.
  • Look up the overall number of social media shares on Facebook or Twitter. There are often family, friends and acquaintances of the customer based in your area.
  • The number of times those shares were then re-shared. This extends the reach beyond the customer’s own circle of contacts, once again to a mainly local audience.
  • Check the post comments and clicks to your website.
  • Identify the number of timelines reached.

The Pixxnow approach captures reviews at the perfect moment, when the euphoric customer is feeling generous.
This approach typically generates a 50% review capture rate. On average, this reaches an audience of 2,000 local users per review.